What’s at stake?

Seventy percent of college students think there is nothing wrong with socialism. Yet socialism cannot recognize individual rights.
Here is what challenges your traditional values:

  • 84% of Millennials once supported Bernie Sanders.
  • The latest numbers from the Congressional Budget Office show that more than half of all citizens now receive more money from government handouts than they pay in federal taxes!
  • Without your influence, they will soon snuff the flickering lamp of liberty.
Flickering lamp of liberty

The deep-state has infiltrated all levels of government, academia, and media. They create chaos and their memes confound the masses. Good has become evil and evil good.
What could possibly go wrong?

But ever since the 1930’s we instinctively expected the results of socialism. We knew long ago that those who receive not a love for the truth shall receive strong delusion that they should believe a lie.

Communicating to your audience is increasingly difficult in a society that lost their ethical heritage.

If your audience yearns to breathe free — Focus on your business while I communicate customized background fundamentals to convert your prospects into customers.

Email campaigns will result in many prospects opting-out of your email list if you don’t provide at least 50% of your emails with useful information.

I can provide a whitepaper, guest blog, e-newsletter or targeted email with convincing proof that traditional values still apply to daily life. After all, traditional values are the foundation of all right and wrong.

Contra principia negantem non est disputandum.
— There can be no debate with one who denies fundamentals.

So focus on fundamentals.

Add hope to your content. Not gloom or rage. Educate your audience to the lies that enslave us.  The Truth will set us free. People will instinctively map their road to freedom.

Establish the moral high ground.