Traditional values are a hard sell. I can provide conscientious, verifiable rock-solid evidence to your audience.

Providing convincing proof of your opening headline is just one function of the copy that is needed to convince your prospective customers to click on a link. Most controversial statements, or even a curious question, require convincing proof.

I have written plenty of studies on the Conservative positions of Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration, Homeschooling, Welfare, extra rights for homosexuals, fewer rights for Christians, and the dangers of Socialism:

In addition to the above standard issues of Conservative values, I also write details explaining Libertarian fare, conspiracy theories, decline of moral values and the consequences, Political divide and the historical struggles throughout history.
I have written many essays on the myths that mislead well intended people into waiving their rights by legalities they did not understand.
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I draw my inspiration from decades of research into traditional values.

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