Creative Brief

Part 1: Business/Organization

Name: _______________________ Contact name: ___________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: ________ ZIP: _____________

Phone: ______________ Ext. ____ Fax: __________ Cell: _____________

URL: ________________________ Email: __________________________

Business/Organization description:

# of years in business:______ # of employees:______ # of customers:______

Part 2: Your Purpose

Purpose of your project — What do you want visitors/prospects to DO?

(Check all that apply, and then highlight the PRIMARY purpose):

❑ Buy your products via e-commerce/shopping cart

❑ Ask you about your services (become a qualified lead for your business)

❑ Sign up for a free trial or e-newsletter (give you their email address)

❑ Come to your retail store (bricks-and-mortar)

❑ Find your website via search engines

❑ View an electronic portfolio and/or case studies of your programs, or services.

❑ Sign up to become a member of a group

❑ Access a library of information

❑ Attend an event

❑ Participate in a forum for like-minded people

❑ Search your inventory or see product options

❑ View and/or order product demonstrations, seminars, training materials

❑ Other _________________________________________________

Business marketing and sales goals for your project

(Check all that apply):

❑ Cultivate more clients

❑ Focus on selling more programs and/or services to existing clients

❑ Grow specific programs or product lines

❑ Launch a new program or service

❑ Reinforce/support other marketing efforts (not serve as the main marketing outlet)

❑ Other _________________________________________________

Major competitors

Competitive climate (Who else offers similar products or services;

who owns this market space?):

Please list the Name and Web address of three Top Competitors.

Part 3: Your Project Scope

What materials do you already have for me to reference?

❑ Your website (Domain Name): __________________________________

❑ A project outline indicating what you want and envision

❑ Business plan

❑ Marketing plan

❑ Product and/or service list — everything your company makes/does/offers

❑ Current marketing materials, media plan

❑ Brand guidelines (a document that lays out your company’s rules regarding use of logos, colors, etc.)

Part 4: Content Message Considerations

• Describe your ideal/target customer:

– Gender, age, geographic location (very important), cultural considerations:

– Characteristics (hobbies, interests, affiliations):

– Solution they’re looking for/what you help them do:

– What motivates and inspires this audience emotionally? (Being a hero,

having life balance, standing up to bullies, etc.):

– Customer insights from research, anecdotes:

• Essential: What’s the main UNIQUE benefit or solution only your product or service can offer?

– List the key features of your service that only you can provide.

– List the key benefits that those features deliver to customers.

– What is your Big Promise (what, exactly, are we promising that your product will do): What’s the single most important benefit message or offer for the target audience? In one sentence.

– What is the support for the key messages, the proof, or “reasons to believe” (testimonials, endorsements, case studies, product specifics, etc.)?

– What are the obstacles and objections that need to be overcome for success? For example, are you asking your audience to switch brands … try something totally new … try something unknown?

– What is the tone or “voice” to be conveyed in your messages? (serious, lighthearted, fun, practical).

– Do you have a style manual or policy that I need to follow?

– Does your audience know you?

– Do you have customer personas for me to use?

– What is the offer — a reason to buy or contact you NOW? (Limited-time trial offer, etc.)

– What is the call-to-action? (Order now, inquire now, sign up for a free newsletter or demo, register for an event, etc.)

– How can the audience respond to you (phone/email/Web/mail/fax/go to your store)?