Are you getting nowhere trying to reach an audience that believes we still live in a free country?

Our World is in conflict.  Morality has been destroyed. Irresponsibility is encouraged by government. Even churches lead people astray.

Everyone awaits the imminent collapse of Geo-Political, Social and Economic infrastructures. Injustice and corruption prevail. Above all, people fear the unseen forces beyond their control. And they want solid proof that it is still possible to retain much of traditional Americana.

I provide conscientious, verifiable content to your audience, when you need it.

Most people have been enslaved by legalities that they did not understand. Yet they believe they are free. They have been blinded to the Truth they need.

Meanwhile, aware Americans yearn for Truth about legalities. Yes, there is a global conspiracy to be feared. But people are easily led astray instead of mapping their path to freedom.    Yes, there are globalists frantically establishing a World Government. And yes, they must first destroy existing sovereign governments and force allegiance to the overthrowers. But, I offer hope that resistance is not futile.

The Liberty Bell inscription proclaims liberty throughout the land. It is still possible today.  Offer hope to your audience.

Add hope to your content.

Add hope to your content. Not gloom or rage. Educate your audience to the lies that enslave us. The Truth will set us free. People will instinctively map their road to freedom:
— People need order, not the chaos they see around them. They need to know that there is a solid foundation, a clear set of standards by which society was intended to coexist in a moral system of faith, hope and charity.
— People need a society that will redress their grievances — and they need to know that the grievance channel is always open. Today’s motivations are just as they were when JFK said to his State Department Diplomats on March 13, 1962: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
— People need to feel connected to something bigger than themselves.
— People need to have a purpose. They need to have a plan, a map to freedom. They need to be going someplace specific. Without a purpose they lose self-esteem.
— People need to feel that what they are doing is moral — which is difficult in today’s chaos. Prove to them that traditional values are what is right for themselves, what is right for others, and what is right for the world. Without conscience, a they descend further into what little self-esteem they already possess.

Involve Your Audience

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
— Ancient Chinese Proverb

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My Approach

I write content to explain the facts of life to Truth Seekers.

If you need clear explanations of our social, political, and economic situation — I can provide it.

If your audience is interested in traditional moral values, ethics or historical facts, contact me today.

If you want to persuade your skeptics to click on your links. I offer the following:

  • High-density documentaries
  • Copy critique — I can add authoritative quotes and well-researched footnotes to any document.
  • Blog rebuttals for monitored blogs — I can add well-researched rebuttals to comments from ignorant trolls.
  • Content marketing — informative blog posts, white papers, and case studies.
  • Newsletter guest blog (op-ed) content for your audience.
  • Debate practice scripts.
  • Editorial Content Copy to defend traditional values or refute lies
  • eBooks.
  • Social Media posts that appeal to a specific persona
  • Articles and special reports.

My Story

My Quaker ancestors risked death to run the underground railroad. I also connect enslaved people to resources. If you have a resource to offer an enslaved audience, I can connect you.

  • I have more than two decades of publishing online content exposing “lies that enslave us” .
  • I write bi-weekly blogs about deceptions that could entrap you into legalities that you do not understand.
  • I publish a monthly e-newsletter.
  • I present Constitutional issues to a monthly meeting of those who yearn to breathe free. (When confronted with solid proof of deceptions, a group of awake freedom seekers is amazed by the depth of deceptions that enslave us.)
  • I have been an avid collector of Truth Content for more than three decades. As with most disheartened victims, I have learned that “patriot” theories, conspiracy theories and prophecy theories are often groundless — and useless. I have done the tedious research to find the real legalities that enslave us.
  • And I authored eight eBooks that are available on-line. Up to 361 pages.
  • I wrote and directed a 30 minute video script on the dangers of socialism in America.
  • Although all Quakers resist those who punish our free-will, I am just like my Quaker ancestors who were executed in Massachusetts up until the 1650’s.
    I remain stubbornly skeptical of established powers that seek to dominate us all.
Steven D. Miller

I was just like you, I was a natural born Citizen and I was taught to believe that the Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of everyone else. Just like it says in the U.S. Constitution. Until I found out that I was fooled into waiving my rights.

Then I spent thirty years researching how I was tricked into waiving my rights by legalities that I did not understand.

It turns out that ignorance of a law, which every one is bound to know, excuses no man.  Had American children learned of their heritage, we would have kept our rights.  We would not have been fooled by anyone.  We would have stood up to the bullies.

Join me in pondering the legalities that have ensnared us.

It turns out that the unchanging God of the Bible has unchanging laws. When Adam and Eve accepted a benefit from an alternate authority, they were immediately sentenced to death for their mutiny.  The divine laws of a merciful and just God have remained the same. Rights only come with responsibilities.  You have a divine responsibility to avoid deception.

Just like you, I was fooled by government. Out of respect for what appeared to be law, I lost all my rights when I was tricked by legalities that I didn’t understand. I learned the hard lesson that it was my fault for being deceived. I came to realize that we were warned about deceptions throughout history. Bible prophecy predicts deceptions in the endtimes.  Deceptions so great that insomuch if it were possible, shall deceive even the very elect. If they continue, no flesh shall be saved.

Those who receive not a love for the truth shall receive strong delusion that they should believe a lie. Had we followed the commands of Christ, we would not have been tricked out of our rights.  Principalities and powers in high places twist the laws of God to trick us into mutiny against legitimate powers.

Allegiance to counterfeit authority is mutiny against legitimate authority.

My focus is on lordship, ethics, and consequences of mutiny.

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