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Add hope to your content. Not gloom or rage. Educate your audience to the lies that enslave us.  The Truth will set us free. People will instinctively map their road to freedom.

Hiring a ghostwriter is a great way to take the pressure off, stretching your writing skills, and focus on getting to the heart of what you want to say. Liberty Content Writer specializes in ghostwriting on the topic of liberty. Helping you shine with professional quality writing and keeping your name in the spotlight. Contact me at

Next Steps:
Step 1. Schedule an interview to discuss your project or campaign, and audience.
Step 2. Interview me for up to one hour, to discuss the Intake Questionnaire and the Creative Brief.
Step 3. I will produce up to three alternatives and 12 headlines for us to brainstorm.
Step 4. Connect with your audience. Deliver them from evil.

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These are typical price ranges. I can propose a scope to meet any budget.
If you already know your content marketing strategy, keywords, headlines, audience interests, style preference, source contacts to interview, and single content topic — the faster we can secure the blessings of liberty.

  • Small projects such as rebuttal of troll blog comments, or a policy letter to a congressman, can be yours for $20.
  • Individual Email Promo, • Per single-topic email [$250-$500]
    Includes discussing topic, doing research, interview(s), and writing content.
    Does not include formatting in your email platform.
    Does not include a landing page for your product/service/promotion.
  • Blog Post or Online Article.
    Includes discussing topic, doing research and interview(s), writing content.
    Formatting in your blogging/web platform is not included. Does not include a landing page.
    [$100-$800] per post, depending on length, complexity.
  • Copy Critique of your article/documentary/sermon ($200 to $1,200). 
    Includes footnotes — there will be no assertion that is not backed by solid proof.
  • Blog comment rebuttals ($20). I will add well-researched rebuttals to comments from ignorant trolls. I will provide Rock Solid proof of their error from (pick any two): Legal, constitutional, historical, ethical, Biblical, or Supreme Court. 
  • Newsletter Editorial or Online article ($250-$800)
  • E-newsletter ($800-$1,500)
  • Lead-generation article ($500-$1,500)
  • Long online sales page ($5,000+)

Convincing the Truth Markets remains difficult:

  • People refuse to believe that they can be free. They insist that we must live in obedience to false authorities. Ever since 1809 it was known that “None are more hopelessly enslaved then those who falsely believe they are free.”
  • We have been trained all of our lives to resist Truth.  Just as the US Supreme Court said in Laird v. Tatum: “Those who already walk submissively will say there is no cause for alarm.”
  • Standing up to bullies is contrary to our self-preservation instinct. Timid sheeple vehemently warn us about resisting the “authorities” that have overthrown their government.  So, to avoid persecution, they seek protection of the heard. — After all, they see others devoured by often-false  “authorities”.  This only gives the predators a banquet feast.
  • Those who are assimilated within the New World Order seek to understand why they are victimized by an unseen “system”.  When justice fails them, they fall for groundless theories.
  • Many simply resign themselves to tyranny.  Yes, the Bible says that people will be deceived in the end-times. But those who stand firm to the end will be saved.

Meanwhile, aware Americans yearn for Truth about legalities that enslaved us.
Yes, there is a global conspiracy to be feared. But people are easily led astray instead of mapping their path to freedom.    Yes, there are globalists frantically establishing a World Government. And yes, they must first destroy existing sovereign governments and force allegiance to themselves. But, I offer hope that resistance is not futile.

The Liberty Bell inscription proclaims liberty throughout the land. It is still possible today.  Offer hope to your audience.

Next Steps…

Clark Kent will not show up to fight your never ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American way — but I will.

PS: I love to search for the deep deceptions that led society astray.